Pixl Squared distinctively brands your business to get you recognized and with our select branding, and unique vision we offer a design to suit a variety of budgets. No "out of the box" websites, Custom website development tailored to your specifications so you can maximize the most out of your business desktop, tablet and mobile.

INTRODUCING PixlCreative A full service branding package including web design with in-browser editing, logo design, and printing
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Has you site just been sitting there for years? no worries! we can take your site and bring the old and frail back to life while keeping your color schemes or  giving you new ones and bringing it into modern technology.

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Well yea! We have tons of experience in developing and designing websites, as active players in current trends and technology we keep you and your site up to date and looking good at the same time, weather it's desktop mobile or both give us a call.

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Every bodies doing it! Give your customers the browsing necessities they need to keep up with you and your product, mobile web design is configured to automatically detect your customers browser and give the your site in tablet or mobile phone modes.

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Do you need matching business cards, flyer's, folders? even We print to! We we can design and print just about anything you need including photography and it's so much easier when it's done in one place.

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We can also re-design or build your new logo and assist with branding and identity to help make you stand outside the rest.

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Social Identity is crucial in this day and age and we can build your professional on-line brand and network your way to new friends on the Internet.

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Video Production


Video and commercials are all the rage! now shooting in 4K we can produce your on-line video and commercials professionally without paying TV network prices.

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