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2017 Fee Assessment

Updated 1/2/2018


All statements and invoices are emailed directly to the customer (as a green company all communications are emailed)


If you prefer a mailed statement keep in mind the following fees will apply.

.52 per envelope

.99 per sheet of paper enclosed including your statement


There is no charge for visits when performing maintenance or upgrades on your account (Minimum 1 visit per 6 months), Payments cannot be taken by the representative however if you give payment to the Pixl Squared representative you will be charged a fee.


Monthly Fees & Orders

All monthly fees and product orders (IE. hosting, printing, ect...) are billed at the end of the month. Print product orders will now be pre-paid then the order will go to print and will ship to your door at standard times set by shipping company.


Monthly Fee Schedule

Monthly Statements are given 30 days to pay

Any amount left unpaid after 30 days is subject to a 10% late fee

Accounts left unpaid after 60 days incur a 18% late fee every month thereafter and will have services disconnected without further notice; payment must be made in full in order to restore service.



A $25.00 reconnect fee will be charged in order to restore service in addition to paying full balance.


Printing Products

Printing products will be drop shipped to you unless otherwise notified; payments must be received before delivery. Products will not be released without payment and cannot be added to your account if you have one.

Should authorization for release be given without receiving payment a $19.95 fee will be added to your bill.

Continuous non-payment will result in monthly late fees of 18% after 3rd month of non payment all accounts will be disconnected without further notice; payment must be made in full in order to restore service.


Design Fees

Design Fees for print customers are waived when printing with Pixl Squared, If you want the design printed somewhere else the normal charges will take effect and you will be charged at current rate of $85 per hour with 2 hour minimum plus local tax.


Photography for Web Design

Images shot for websites packages are charged separately according to pricing of business photography packages. Should you receive a complementary package it will apply to website use only, any other use will be charged accordingly.


Discounted Items

Items not purchased at full price do not qualify for special rates, freebies, etc...


Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are subject to change by USPS, UPS, FEDEX depending on service used at time of shipment.



As of January 1, 2017 checks will no longer be accepted, we will only be taking credit cards




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