Managing sales 24/7


Your website is like a store front open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so why aren't you treating it like one? most businesses have regular business hours and have a website for informational purposes, everybody has a website, we need one too! yes it's common to have a website with your business but spending X amount of dollars on a fancy website and monthly fees and forgetting about it or even complaining about having to pay for it will just be more stressful then not having one.


I here complaints all the time: it costs to much!, I can do it myself with a free website!, It just sits there, not like it's making me any money.

All of this is true if you don't use it. Yes you can probably use a free web builder and do it your self but is it generating an income, bring in customers to your front doors?, I'm going to say most likely not, behind all those pretty graphics and pictures is coding that drive your customers in the direction you want them to go funneling them to your on-line check out 24/7 and/or sending them to your front door, when built and used effectively your website can generate traffic to build your company ahead of the competition.


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