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Business cards are the beginning to an ongoing conversation between your future customers and you. Pixl Squared will make

you a custom business card that will attracted your potential customer.


Pixl Squared can create traditional style business cards for you; but, our specialty in unique business card can design that size, shape, color, font and material to create a business card that is distinctly yours. Think folded cards, custom die-cuts, pop-ups, unique titles, double sided, magnetic, plastic, vertical, horizontal and more! What do you really want your card to say about you? Get at the heart of the matter and create something that reflects everything you do for your customers.

We can handle your standard 2" x 3½" cards, but we can go above and beyond those limitations. Any custom finishing, shape, stock, foil stamping and embossing you can dream up, we can create. Try extra thick 24pt paper to really stand out. One sided or two sided, black and white or full vibrant color, our accurate cutting and thick high quality standard stocks make us the business card authority.


To learn more on how Pixl Squared can jump start your business, request a custom quote, get in touch with our fast and affordable design team and receive free samples, call us at (505) 886-1643.


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